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You wake up in a unknown location with little memory on who you are, you awake from cryo sleep in a place that's falling apart. With help of someone on the intercom, your only goal is to survive. 

In the Demo Sequence you play as a unknown character that like the rest of the ones that woke up, cant remember much, the voice that woke you up guides you, trying to get out, They follow their instructions but where will this lead?

Demo has:

  • Story
  • hidden items (check everything)
  • Fights
  • Vender
  • *Optional Events

Main Game will add:

  • Skill checks
  • Choices
  • Secrets
  • collectibles
  • More areas
  • Multiple endings
  • Alternate routs.
  • *More Optional Events

*Optional Events are activated or Deactivated by the player, they are turned off by default.


Gameplay Relies on Equipment (not level) 

Each equipment has its Pros and cons, you need to know what is needed and when.

Your Health and Stamina is the two things you need to keep an eye on, When HP reaches 0, gameover while If Stamina is down, you wont be able to use any skills, Stamina Recovers Over time (For the Demo, not all Skills need this)

Skill checks are hidden but if you have enough to open something you may get one of a kind weapon, armour, useful items or even alternative routes to go through.

*Basic RPG Controls, if you would like controls listed here, please comment below*


Version 1.1 has Optional Events/scenes that can be enabled or Disabled at anytime.


The Demo Version is Completed and will have some Story information and is needed to fill in some gaps for the beginning of the Main game. Recommend  to Check everywhere as there is some hidden items.

**all assets where found online by either google search or asset shops, all content, including Cover image, may change in the future.**


Please report any issues and bugs.

Please also provide your Negative and positive opinions, these will help make the main game better, 

thank you XD


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