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*Game is restricted to Owners and testers Until further Assets are made for it. Please try out the other games we have while you wait.

You play as an AI that was assigned to a random user. Your main task is to protect them, using your security-protocols to control the tech-based house around you. As you slowly drift apart from the main server and form a bond with your user, the core features will begin to change, making her a prominent target in the prying eye of the government which seeks to shut down the household's AI once and for all. 


Demo: Free

This game is in very Early Development. Content, images, characters and gameplay may change in the near future. Please Provide Feedback and Report any Bugs or issues below. 
Current Build: 0.0.3 has 2 Chapters in it, as well a Refinement of the UI (See Screenshot) and the point system, Some more Small scenes and tiny Differences from the choices you made.

Updates on hold, waiting for Art.

Please Provide support to help With Planned Versions, Ver 0.1 will be made with Art from a Paid Artist.

Current Character Credit goes to: noraneko games 
Platforms Planned: PC Only 

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